Bedek Bait Hamekory

Bedek Bait Hamekory was established in 2004 by some of Israel’s best engineers in the field of construction review and supervision.
Bedek Bait Hamekory is a leader in the field of building surveys in Israel, providing the public with a lot of information, including general information on a variety of critical aspects for home purchaser. The company puts great emphasis on encouraging the public to adopt habits of informed consumption with regard to real estate.
Bedek Bait Hemkory is unique in the range of skills offered by its experienced engineering staff, who are able to provide the fullest possible picture of the condition of a property.

The services we provide are designed for 3 types of customer:
• Purchasers of new homes.
• Purchasers of used homes.
• Services for the initial building warranty year.

Customers received detailed reports on a wide range of topics, giving them more effective decision tools to assist them in the complex process of buying a property with a broad account of the property’s condition. The clear advantage of these reports is their usefulness as an effective bargaining tool during the negotiations on price.
More than 40 percent of Bedek Bait Hamekory customers use the reports as a tool for bringing down the price of a property, while about 5% decide to cancel the deal due to the report results.

Bedek Bait Hamekory services:
Building checks before purchase
Checks for building defects
Review of building defects
Examination of apartments before purchase
Construction review
Engineering building checks
Checks for damp in walls
Checks for water leaks.

Contact us:  1-800-350-888